Josh Richards

Astronaut Candidate, Author, Speaker, Troublemaker

Physicist, Soldier, Engineer, Comedian, Astronaut Candidate.

One thing Josh Richards can never be accused of is being boring.

After a decade of picking up booby traps with the Australian Army, slogging through mud with British Commandos, being science adviser to the richest artist in history, and performing standup in a giant koala suit to confused audiences around the world, Josh found his true calling in 2012 when he discovered the Mars One project.

Selected from over 200,000 applicants, Josh is currently one of 100 astronaut candidates short-listed for a one-way mission to Mars in 2031.

As an in-demand professional speaker with a natural talent for sharing science through stand-up comedy, Josh’s storytelling makes for compelling & entertaining corporate keynotes on leadership, small-team dynamics, the future of work and diversity in tech - all while reminding people everywhere the sky is not the limit.

Besides regularly writing articles on space science, engineering, psychology and culture on Patreon, he’s also the author of Becoming Martian and Cosmic Nomad

Books by Josh Richards

Cosmic Nomad

Comedian, astronaut candidate and general troublemaker Josh Richards knows his days on Earth are numbered: short-listed from over 200,000 applicants for the first human mission to Mars, and launching without any hope of ever returning, it’s increasingly likely he’ll die on the red planet.

So if YOU were leaving Earth in 10 years time, what would you do before you left?

Becoming Martian

Join physicist, comedian and astronaut candidate Josh Richards on a humorous and informative journey to the red planet.

Blending science, engineering and ethics with comedy, and filled with real life stories of life beyond Earth's atmosphere, Becoming Martian looks at how colonising Mars will change humans in body, mind and soul.

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